Welcome to our website, a site dedicated to all slow cookers who love slow cooking with a programmable slow cooker. The slow cookers are great when it comes to making certain dishes. They are also considered better than the regular cookers because they allow the family to spend more time together and the family eats a healthier and tastier food than what they were eating before. With so many slow cookers available in the stores, Choosing the best quality slow cookers in UK is really a time consuming task.

The slow cookers come in various ranges. The size and the technology differ with the models. You can buy manual slow cooker which are available but it is better to buy a new model which are programmable. What you get with these cookers is really amazing. You can program the entire recipe. Seems complicated? It is not. You can set the timer and the pressure and the cooker will do the rest for you. You will not have to worry about monitoring the slow cooker but the programmable slow cookers will serve you well without you worrying them.

Always make sure that you are doing the settings which are not reducing your time to reach the 140 degrees. This value is of huge importance as it keeps checks on the bacteria growth and kills them. After reaching this temperature, you can easily program the cooker according to your need and time.

Most of the programmable slow cookers have an LCD display to make it easier for you to know what you have programmed. This LCD will also help you to understand the settings while you are doing them. The programmable slow cookers are also equipped with a technology which enables them to protect the food when the power goes off. This feature is really handy especially if you are cooking outside on a picnic etc.

The programmable slow cookers are also good at handling the food after being cooked. You will set the timing according to the dish and once the dish is ready, the cooker will enter a mode commonly called ‘keep it warm’. In this mode the programmable slow cookers will not let your food lose its warmness and will keep the taste of a freshly cooked food.

The programmable slow cookers also have another amazing feature which makes them better than all other cookers out there. They are not only programmable but they are also manual in many ways. You get a spoon through the lid to shake the meal and you can always use the manual mode. If you are in a mode of spending some time over watching the food and doing it your own way, you can always go back to the manual method. There is no restriction over it.

The programmable slow cookers are better because they will cook your food slowly. This is actually better for the food as it remains tastier and it is not too hot too eat. Another amazing thing about the slow cookers is the freshness which you will feel about the meal. The meal will never have to be kept open to cool down but you can start eating right after it is cooked. This will always give you a good feeling.

Important Tips Before Purchasing Slow Cookers

A 3.5-4L model is ideal for couples and single people while 4.5-6L models will serve the average family of 4-5 persons well. The term slow cooker encompasses all brands and models of electric cookers that offer slow cooking functions. To find out which models performed best and which features really mattered, we chose seven slow cookers, all digital, 6 to 6 1/2 quarts. These are big pieces of equipment that you’re probably not going to be using on every day, and you may not have the budget or space to buy more than one. Prices for the slow cookers we bought in past tests ranged from $40 to $250, but the cost of the cooker didn’t predict performance.

If you’re cooking for two, you’ll only need a 3–4.5L slow cooker, but if you’re cooking for a group, look at a 5-8L model. Pricier models usually have fancier digital controls, more timer options and some even have an auto-stir function. A slow cookers should only be filled from half to two-thirds of its capacity when cooking. There are generally four types of slow cookers, some of which are enhanced with special features. We used these models to prepare finicky pasta, meaty chili, and delicate boneless, skinless chicken breasts. When choosing a slow cooker or pressure cooker, remember they can be extremely heavy – and that’s before you put in any of the ingredients or liquid.

Specific features helped make one slow cooker better, or more convenient, than another. You can always make extra and freeze the leftovers, but don’t leave them in the slow cooker to cool down for too long. But you don’t necessarily need any of these features to make a tasty stew. Consider storage space as well. Your first consideration is choosing a slow cooker capacity that meets your needs and that will include deciding on a round or oval shape cooker. In addition to testing large slow cookers, we also tested smaller 4-quart slow cookers; they are handy for recipes scaled for two, though we found in our recipe testing that this size of slow cooker is quite versatile and can actually be used for many of the other recipes throughout this book.

Empty weights range from 2kg up to 6kg. The newer models feature electronic controls that let you pre-program cooking time, usually in 30-minute intervals, and that automatically switch to warm when cooking is complete. There are models on the market that are able to sear meat and vegies, either in the slow cooker itself, or by transferring a removable inner pot to the cooktop. We make sure each cooker – whatever extras it has – can make a really good stew or casserole, as there’s no point having a high-tech slow cooker if it can’t do the basics well. Rectangular or oval slow cookers tend to be more space-efficient compared to round slow cookers.

Many homes have more than one slow cooker, because this appliance is very convenient convenient for a number of tasks from keeping vegetables warm and gravy hot on a buffet, making a large batch of pasta sauce or soup for two.A slow cooker is a simple appliance. Think about the kind of life you lead and what would most suit your lifestyle. Because there is so little difference in overall cooking performance we no longer test slow cookers or provide slow cooker Ratings. This removes the need for multiple pans when cooking meals that require searing. It might promise six litres on the box, but you won’t get six litres worth of stew out of it. It’s important to remember that prolonged heat-up and cool-down times in a slow cooker can encourage bacteria, so check on which slow cookers are able to heat water and food the fastest even while on low heat settings.


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