Fatty foods are sooooo bad……but so good!  The fact of the matter is that deep fat fryer cooking really keeps that oil and fat on the outside of the food.  In fact, it slow cooks the inside making it often times tender even though it doesn’t use water.  Always listen to your Doctor is you have health concerns preventing you from enjoying deep fried foods, but what your eating might not be as bad as you thought! By finding top quality deep fat fryers in UK you can also cook many different recipes.

First agenda item is getting the perfect deep fat fryer oil for what your are cooking.  Peanut, safflower, sunflower, and canola oil is what is preferred for a deep fat fryer as it takes a higher temperature for them to burn as opposed to olive oil.  You want to ensure that your deep fat fryer is thoroughly cleaned and there is no grease by any of the electrical parts as you don’t want any fire hazard.  Make sure your oil level is at or below the line indicated by your deep fat fryer.

Next, when preparing your food, ensure that the food itself is not wet.  Meaning, take a paper towel and dry it if it is not already dry.  This is important because we all know what happens when water goes into a hot pot of oil…..yikes!

Another great hint is to take it slow.  This means don’t crowd your food into the deep fat fryer.  This will do two things.  It may cause undercooked parts to your food where it was “squished” into another piece and it may raise your oil level too high and cause a hazard.  Too much in the deep fat fryer will also drop your temperature and it will throw off the calculations you had for your cooking time.

To start, choose your cooking oil carefully. Oils with high ‘smoke points’, in other words, those which do not break down at deep frying temperatures, are best. Peanut oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, and canola oil are some good choices.  A good hint when preparing large quantities of deep fried food is to warm your oven and place your finished items in the oven until all food is ready.  Be careful to have the oven on warm or you will bake your way into some overdone food!

As for the safety of cooking with a deep fat fryer, I can’t stress enough the importance.  Hot oil is not something to be dismissive of.  Always remember to keep water away from the oil, especially if it catches on fire.  Baking soda, a pan cover, or preferred a fire extinguisher is needed to squelch this fire effectively and safely.

Being health conscious is great, and using deep fried food is a wonderful indulgence in moderation.  As it relates to your oil – most can be used more than once.  Having said that, each time you use it you break it down and make deposits of what you have cooked.  While it is more costly, most will recommend that you use new oil each time if for no other reason than ensuring the freshness.

Buying guide to deep fat fryer

Having a fryer that features adjustable temperature is great for the preparation of different types of meals. The best fryers hold the basket away from the oil so that it can drain and no oil soaks into the food.so make sure you pick the right size machine for your needs. The duration varies depending on the food type, oil absorption and the desired outcome. Controlled by a thermostat, it keeps oil at the perfect temperature for cooking, preventing it from overheating and igniting. There are many different types and models so take your time to find the one most suitable for you. The smoke point is the temperature at which the oil begins to break down. It adapts well to most ingredients, including cut up vegetables such as bell peppers, green beans, zucchini, sliced potatoes, yams and acorn or butternut squashes, as well as seafood like shrimp, oysters and thin slices of salmon, cod and halibut.

An electric fryer that has a thermostat will certainly give you a bit of versatility.fryers that have nonstick interior are great for people that are just getting started with frying and for the ones that would like to simplify the cleaning process. A capacity of 1 kg is more than enough for four portions of chips. In order to attain the best results, the temperatures should be ideally maintained at 330-350 degrees during the beginning of fry cycle. Price Domestic deep fat fryers range in price from around £20 to over £100, but mid-priced models around £70 come with plenty of useful cooking and cleaning features. Most fryers are very quick and easy to use, hence their popularity. As the process of oxidization begins, it will then smoke and thus becomes unstable. Tempura batter is usually made of flour, ice water, and egg yolks. There are a few important safety features to look for. You can also buy deep-fat fryers with two baskets for side-by-side cooking. Then getting it reduced to almost 330 degrees for a brief duration and then raising it again to 330-350 degrees.

Bear in mind that while deep fat fryers themselves are cheaper than other healthier air fryers, the amount of oil they require can work out more expensive in the long run. Just some examples of foods it can fry include meat, vegetables, and even fruit. Choose an unrefined oil with a high smoke point and a neutral flavor such as peanut, canola, extra light olive oil, soybean or sunflower. But it has to be used quickly and under-mixed to avoid gluten activation, which will make it turn tough and chewy. Cool wall fryers will have an exterior that remains cool to the touch throughout the cooking process. Handy if you want to fry sweet and savoury treats at once, without any transfer of flavours. Computerized fryers can easily adjust the cook times in response to the average oil temperature. A typical domestic deep-fat fryer can cook between 1kg and 1.5kg of food, which requires around 2 to 3 litres of oil. There are lots of different shapes, sizes, and even colours to choose from.

Safflower is another unrefined oil that can be used for cooking at high temperatures. Mix the dry ingredients together, add ½ cup of the club soda and stir lightly with a fork. Having a viewing window on the lid is also a nice safety feature. Look for a deep-fat fryer with insulated walls to protect you – and any little ones – from the heat generated by cooking. They can also maintain steady cooking curve meant for some specific product. Compact fryers require only about one litre of oil and can cook up to 350g of food – enough for a couple. All to make sure they fit in with you and your kitchen. Avoid unrefined oils commonly used for salad dressings, such as cold pressed or expeller pressed oils, as their smoke points are much lower. Add the rest of the club soda while mixing quickly, and don’t worry about the lumps. Automatic switch off in the end of the cooking cycle reduces the risk of accidents even further.


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