Cuisinart Convection Breadmaker has a good-looking design especially with its smooth brushed stainless steel body and beautifully embossed logo. The build-in convection fan ensure uniform hot air circulation while baking resulting in perfect crusts and texture every time. There are many more different varieties of bredmakers avaialble in the stores, If you are looking to buy top breadmakers in UK.

Features of the Cuisinart Convection Breadmaker:

With the 16 preprogrammed menu options plus the selectable 3 crust colors, and 3 loaf sizes, one can easily make over 100 different combinations of specialty bread, dough/pizza dough, artisan, sweet cake and even fruit jams. The optional 60-Minute Keep Warm cycle is a great feature to help structure of the loaf to develop properly before cutting or serving.

For those health conscious and perfectionist baker out there, there are several preset options to be selected, Low Carb, Gluten-Free and Artisan Dough. For Artisan Dough, the machine is smart enough to take the basic dough through several long, slow cool rises for chewier textures and rustic crusts.

The built-in audible tone timer is another nice feature to have, it serves as a reminder timer while baking. During the course, the machine will pause and sound the tone several times based on the selected preset baking cycle, for example first tone remind us that it is time to add fruit or nuts, second tone for removing the paddle before baking, or removing unbaked dough for baking in a traditional oven etc.

The included manual has some good recipes with simple operating instructions. There are recipes for Low-Carb and Gluten-Free menu options, as well as a variety of other breads, doughs and jams. Each recipe also comes with nutritional information per serving such as amount of calories, carb, fat and fiber.

Other nice features of the Cuisinart Convection Breadmaker:

  • Stainless steel housing.
  • Stay-cool handles.
  • 16 preprogrammed menu options for Easy Choices & Healthy Options.
  • Special menu option for Artisan Dough.
  • Unique convection feature circulates air for superior crust color, and texture.
  • Audible tone.
  • Bake-Only option.
  • 12-Hour-Delay Start
  • Power Failure Backup
  • Limited 3-year warranty

The only inadequacy that I found in Cuisinart Convection Breadmaker is that you can’t change some of the options in the middle of a baking cycle. This is crucial when you want to try out some “out-of-the-ordinary” specialty bread or artisan dough. However this is easily overcome by planning out those cycles before starting the baking process. My advice is to first read through the instruction manual to get to know how those baking cycles work.


The Cuisinart Convection Breadmaker makes it so easy to bake hundreds of variety of bread from raw ingredients to finished loaf. The limited 3-year warranty further adds to the peace of mind knowing that one is protected from any manufacturing defect. The Cuisinart Convection Breadmaker is an ideal choice for bread lovers.

Breadmakers Buying Guide

Do you prefer a horizontal or vertical loaf? We have seen some of the features that are common for the best bread makers; now let’s delve into the things one need to know before buying a bread maker. Plus, with the right bread machine, you can save lots of money over the long run. The ingredients needed for a loaf of bread vary between bread makers, but usually consist of flour, salt, sugar, oil or butter, water, bread-machine yeast and sometimes skimmed milk powder. So, if you’re serious about baking bread, then a decent, reliable bread maker is a good investment, as the best models will reliably turn out a daily loaf for years to come. Most machines work in roughly the same way. A bread maker that rattles and churns, jolting you out of bed at 4 a.m. when your delay-start program kicks in, is not something you will use very often.

Smaller loaves are easier to slice, while larger taller loaves can be trickier to slice as the top of the loaf has a softer crust. Vertical Bread Makers bake bread which is tall with brick like shape, unlike the conventional bread shape. But how do you know which bread machine is the best for you? All these ingredients can be found in most supermarkets. Keep an eye out for promotions and online deals for bread makers, because it’s possible to find the best bread makers on sale. You simply put the ingredients into the breadmaker, close the lid and switch on – the machine will automatically mix, prove and bake the bread. Some of the cheaper bread machines in this report get panned for noise, so if that’s a concern, you’ll want to buy the sturdiest — and hence quietest — model you can afford.

The number of slices will vary, but generally you can expect eight slices from a 500g loaf, 12 slices from 750g and 16 slices from a 1kg loaf. Vertical bread makers are affordable, occupy less space and give a loaf of bread with a fluffy top. How do you know what features you will need? A minority of bread makers require Vitamin C tablets, which you’ll probably need to order online. If you’re new to bread making and want to try it out before shelling out a lot of dough for a top-of-the-range bread maker, it’s possible to buy a decent bread maker for around £40. It takes three to four hours to produce a light, white loaf with a good flavour, and around three to five hours for wholemeal bread. Displays should be easy to read, and it shouldn’t require much time or effort to locate or use a desired setting. This feature lets you select your desired crust colour.

They bake good loaves of bread if you use good ingredients, instead of using all-purpose flour use bread flour, and recent, active yeast. Read the following bread machine buying guide to find out what to look for in a bread machine and how to find one that will suit your budget and needs. Bear in mind that you’ll need to buy special “strong” flour to make bread. But it’ll be a lot more basic and the results won’t be as good as a Best Buy bread maker – to get the best model for your budget, use our bread maker reviews to see which cheap bread makers impressed, and the ones to avoid. And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what ingredients go into your loaf. Two cycles a basic cycle and a dough cycle are really all you need to make almost any type of bread, all other cycles and options are gravy, and you should pay for them only if you’re sure you’ll use them. Most breadmakers have a choice of light, medium or dark.



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