Air purifiers are an integral part of today’s homes. An air purifier will help you get rid of bad smells such as cigarette smoke and your rooms will be pleasantly scented. Moreover, air purifiers clean the air. They filter the air thus they are very suitable for people suffering from allergies or asthma. If you want to buy a top quality air purifiers in UK then read this complete guide.

There are several types of air purifiers. In general, the difference comes from the way the air is filtered. You can have an air purifier with mechanical filters or filters containing filtering and air cleaning substances such as charcoal.  Nowadays there are also air purifiers that use electrostatic charge to clean the air or ionizers.

The mechanical air purifiers have filters made of fibers. What is important for this kind of purifiers is the type of the filter. It should meet certain standards in order to “catch” all dust, bacteria, or any other particles. HEPA filtration systems are the best filters you can get however they are quite expensive. A charcoal air purifier has a charcoal filter. In essence, charcoal can absorb and neutralize any harmful particles.

Air ionizers enrich the air with oxygen and produce ozone. The oxygen particles practically burn any other particle they meet. For that reason ionizers are very good for people who have pet allergy, dust allergy, pollen allergy.

There is a vast variety of air purifiers available at the market today. When considering buying one you should take into account the cost of the air purifier and the cost of the filters. Some air purifiers are really cheap but their filters are quite expensive – sometimes a filter can cost the same amount that you have paid for the purifier device. There are filters that you can use several times – they are washed or cleaned in another way.

Air purifiers are not silent as well – you should consider in which room your air purifier will be and than consider if it is silent enough for this room. For example if you are buying an air purifier for your bedroom, it is very important that you pick one that works silently. For communal areas such as the living room, the bathroom or the kitchen you can afford to have a noisier one.

Certain air purifiers have timers – you can leave them working exactly the time you need. This is very important feature to look for in case you are buying an ionizer. Although ozone is harmless if it reaches certain levels, it might become bad for your lungs.

Finally regardless of the type of air purifier you are using, you should remember that it is very important ventilate your rooms regularly. After you have let fresh air in, you can close the windows and turn on the air purifier. This is the best practice if you want to keep your home air fresh, clean and nicely scented.

Vacuum Cleaner Basic Guidelines

How does the number of filters affect the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner

The quality of the vacuum cleaner can be expressed by its suction power, input power (or their “energy efficiency ratio” which is the suction power divided by the input power) and number of filters used. Finding the good quality vacuum cleaners in Uk is not an easy task because there are so many different varieties of vacuum cleaners available in the market.

Current vacuum cleaner producers offer systems with 4 – 8 filters. Every filter – somewhat – contributes to the purity of the air that vacuum cleaner blows to the environment after cleaning it off of dust, hair, mites and microscopic particles.

If you dismount the vacuum cleaner probably you will not find the stated number of filters. That´s because the first 2 or 3 of them are hidden in the paper bag (therefore the bag should rather be called the paper filter). From the technology point of view, really, there is a huge difference between currently used 2-3 layer paper bag/filters and the single layer bags used in 1970s.

How does my (e.g.) 5-filter canister paper bag wacuum cleaner work?

When the vacuum is switched on, the rotating turbine of the engine starts to suck the air (through the hose) in the system. The air is filtered for the first time – through the 2 or 3 layers of the paper bag.

Paper bag usually separates all larger dust particles (0,1+ mm) like soil, dead skin, hair or mites but the microscopic particles continue on their way to the system.

The 4th filter functions as a guard for the engine itself.
As the sucked air must be lead through the engine, it has to be 100% cleaned of all larger particles the prevent the engine from clogging. This filter is usually made of porous foam and can be (must be) washed in the water every now and then.

The last, 5th filter is the micro-filter (often HEPA) that catches and separates the microscopic particles (dust mite excrements, bacteria or even viruses and cigarette smoke).

The micro-filters are made of paper micro-fibers, non-woven fabrics or Gore-Tex and they can be coated with active carbon layer (active carbon has enormous surface able to capture the microscopic particles in a chemical reaction) to improve their properties.

After being filtered through the micro-filter, the air returns back to the room, purified as much as possible.

Important tips before you buy air purifiers and vacuum cleaners

As you shop for an air purifier, consider the following questions to help you find the right air purifier for your needs. In most situations, we recommend that you place your air purifier in your bedroom since that’s where you spend most of your time. We test how well a room air purifier removes dust and smoke from an enclosed space, how it performs at high and low speeds, and how quiet it is. Few air purifier models offer a washable pre-filter to capture dust and other large particles.

The filter must be equipped to filter things like pollen, dust, smoke, odour and other harmful pollutants. The thick filter captures airborne particles. Thats it. Look for the ‘Noise level’ specification in the product description. For example, our #1-selling Austin Air Healthmate utilizes a HEPA filter along with a thick bed of activated carbon to help eliminate dust, pollen, and dander as well as things like smoke, odors, and chemical vapors. When choosing an air purifier, first consider your indoor air quality needs.

Keep in mind that portable air purifiers are designed primarily to purify the air in one room only, so you may need to invest in additional units for other rooms. The very best portable models we tested were effective at cleaning the air of dust, smoke, and pollen at their highest and lowest speed. Opt for a model with pre-filter as it increases the life span of the filter inside. There are four types of filter available – HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air), charged media, antibacterial and germicidal, and electrostatic precipitator.

If you don’t want to touch or be exposed to the dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens, then a bagged vacuum may be your best bet. The upright vacuum cleaner is very new and only few pieces available in Indian vacuum cleaner market, whereas in foreign countries upright vacuum cleaners are very common one. Again for this you have to go for the stick or handheld or canister vacuum cleaner. Unsurprisingly, these models are easier to manoeuvre around the home without a cable getting caught on furniture, they’re also lighter too.

Most are bagless and have simple control buttons. We tested more than 170 models—motoring across 16 miles of carpet and flooring—all in the quest to help you select the right vacuum. To be on the safe side, check the dirt level in the bag before each use. Well, by reading this buying guide, of course. As a streamlined upright, stick vacs are easy to store and lightweight.

Not all HEPA filters are the same. Some vacuums (Miele and Oreck for example) have vacuum bags that seal themselves as soon as you remove them. Upright vacuum cleaner are made to clean all types of carpet floors. Assume how it could be if we can convert upright vacuum cleaner to canister vacuum cleaner and stick vacuum cleaner to handheld vacuum cleaner? However, corded versions on the whole tend to be better when it comes to cleaning, picking up more dust and grime from surfaces. There’s no right or wrong answer here.


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